Dog-Eared Report Austin Independent School District, Austin, Texas

Equity in Austin Independent School District

Report Description: The report on equity in AISD contains separate sections for elementary, middle, and high schools in Austin Independent School District. For each school level, figures indicate the school’s overall performance across multiple indicators with a School Performance Index, along with a measure of the instructional services provided to students, the Instructional Services Index. Results also indicate the per pupil expenditures for each school. Additionally, data are displayed to demonstrate the performance of student groups.

ARNIE’s Comments: After District leadership, including Board of Trustees, loved this publication, it became an annual report.


Gem Mint 10 Austin Independent School District, Austin, Texas

Sustaining a System for High-Quality Teachers

Report Description: This set of reports (report, research brief and technical report) includes two studies that describe the local context for teacher employment decisions. The first examines the local labor market, and the second examines employment for teachers who left Austin Independent School District (AISD).

ARNIE’s Comments: So HR didn’t look at this one?  Teachers didn’t leave because of money!  They earned the same the next year wherever they went.  This is really, really good work, R&E!


Gem Mint 10 Mesa Public Schools, Mesa Arizona

Where Do The Teachers Go?

Report Description: The report describes the teacher retention issue as pouring water into a glass with a large hole in its side and saying you need more water instead of fixing the hole.  Mesa has a teacher retention problem.

ARNIE’s Comments: Someone at Mesa told me that apparently, this study got the response “I am focusing on recruitment now, I will get to retention later but it was an interesting report.”