ESP Twitter Seminars Launched

ESP Solutions Group, Inc. announced in January, 2015, the launching of ESP Twitter Seminars, called ESPTwiminars (#ESPTwiminars).

Here are our current Twiminars:

Each seminar is a series of Twitter tweets that conducts an on-line seminar around a topic to a community of interest.  The goal for participants/followers is to gain insights into lessons learned for education information systems.  The purpose for the seminars is to provide a social media opportunity to learn and discuss insights about education data systems.

The concept behind the development of ESP Twitter Seminars is that Twitter is a free, well-architected, social media method for mass distribution of ideas.  ESP Twitter Seminars leverage the technology, user base, ease of use, ubiquitous access, and other characteristics of Twitter.  ESP Twitter Seminars are easy to follow, open for responses/discussion, and free.

ESP has years of content from personal experience in every state.  ESP’s experts have worked in all phases of information technology—standards, specifications, design, procurement, building, testing, implementation, training, support, maintenance, governance, disaster prevention, etc.

This series of seminars is modeled after MOOCs, awarding badges for completion.  Using tweets, ESP’s experts express insights from their years of experience with education agencies and their information systems.

Following and responding in a seminar is simple.  Select a seminar of interest.  Followers of ESP @espsg on Twitter will receive tweets announcing new seminars.

  • Each seminar begins with a tweet starting with the seminar code (e.g., #ESPTwiminar1), tweet sequence number (.1), and seminar title.
  • The seminar continues with a series of typically 10-15 tweets.
  • Click on a tweet to view responses by ESP and other followers.
    • Every tweet will have at least one response at the time of its posting; so, always click on the numbered tweets to see all the content.
  • Some tweets or responses will have embedded images, videos, or links to other content.
  • The final tweet in a seminar will contain the link to your badge for completion.
    • To earn the badge, read the tweets and responses, and post at least one response to “register” your participation.

If you are new to Twitter, just follow these simple steps.

Easiest Start to Twitter Ever:

  1. Go To
  1. Fill in “New to Twitter? Sign up.
    1. Full Name (Displays above your tweets)
    2. Email (Use the one you want to receive notices. You can control which ones.)
    3. Password (Create one.)
  2. You’ll be asked to choose a user name. (Displays as @username in tweets)
  3. Go to your settings! (If you don’t see “Settings” already, it’s a box box, upper right, with the white egg)
    1. Delete all the notifications you don’t want. (You can restore them later.)
  1. To find the ESP Twitter Seminars (ESPTwminars), find the Search field and enter one of these.
    1. #ESPTwiminar1 (or any other sequence number after ESPTwiminar)
    2. espsg