ARNIE Powers AERA Division H Booth, New York City April 13-17!

April 2018

Visitors to the Division H exhibit booth at the American Educational Research Association’s Annual Meeting were greeted by ARNIE. Each year, the Division’s Annual Publication Award Competition is highlighted in the AERA exhibits. Entries from members conducting research, evaluation, and assessment in the schools from over 10 years can be searched, viewed, and downloaded there in the booth.

This year, 2018, the booth sponsor, ESP Solutions Group, set up a local network for the booth’s laptops and any mobile device brought by a visitor to sign into the ARNIEdocs search engine and publications database. Anyone can explore the publication entries, award winners—current and past.

ARNIE introduced Resume and Job Postings this year as a free service to anyone.  Job seekers and employers can upload their resume and/or job posting to ARNIEdocs in minutes.  ARNIEdocs is accessible to anyone on the web for viewing.

It was a great year and we hope to see everyone stop by the ARNIE booth in 2019!