ARNIE Success at 2015 NCES Stats Summer Data Conference

July 8, 2015

ARNIE received kudos at the 2015 NCES Stats DC Summer Data Conference from those attending a session entitled “Sharing Our Unpublished Publications.” David Weinberger from Yonkers, NY, chaired the lively discussion of how ARNIE will fill a longstanding need for a way to access the wealth of documents created locally by LEAs. Bob Rodosky, Jefferson County, KY, reviewed past efforts districts have tried to share with mixed success. He touted ARNIE’s ease of entry and access. Brad McMillen, Wake County, NC, represented an early success story. His district has uploaded over 150 documents. Brad reported that the process is so simple that one person took about 3 or 4 hours for the entire set of publications. Glynn Ligon, ESP, took notes as the audience made suggestions for enhancements. Overall, ARNIE has made tremendous progress with over 750 documents uploaded for access since its debut at AERA in April.

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