Congrats to the 2020 AERA Division H Winners!

A big congratulations to the 2020 AERA Division H winners!

There were 38 entries in the 2020 AERA Division H Outstanding Publications Competition. Each entry was reviewed by at least three reviewers and scores averaged across reviewers to select a category winner. The winners in each category are listed below:

CATEGORY 1 Award: Advances in Methodology First Place Winners: Angela K. Henneberger, Yi Feng, Tessa Johnson, Yating Zheng, Bess A. Rose, Laura M. Stapleton, Tracy Sweet, & Michael E. Woolley
Report Title: Statistically Modeling Multiple Membership in the Real World: Lessons from Statewide Longitudinal Data in Maryland
Affiliation: University of Maryland School of Social Work and College of Education

CATEGORY 2 Award: Applied Research Reports
First Place Winners: Daniel H. Bowen & Brian Kisida
Report Title: Investigating causal effects of arts education experiences: Experimental evidence from Houston’s Arts Access Initiative
Affiliation: Texas A&M University & University of Missouri

CATEGORY 3 Award: Program Evaluation
First Place Winners: Matthew Lenard, Angel Harris & Darryl Hill
Report Title: Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow: Experimental Evidence for Two Kindergarten Cohorts Affiliation: Harvard University, Duke University, & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

CATEGORY 4 Award: Assessment & Accountability
First Place Winners: Ellen Forte & Andrew Wiley
Report Title: Strengthening Claims-Based Interpretations and Uses of Local and
Large-Scale Science Assessment Scores (SCILLSS): Ensuring Rigor in State Assessment Systems: A Self-Evaluation Protocol
Affiliation: edCount & ACS Ventures

CATEGORY 5 Award: Outstanding Dissertation
First Place Winner: Dana Linnell Wanzer
Dissertation Title: Improving Evidence Use: The Importance of Relationship Quality in Research-Practice Partnerships
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Stout

CATEGORY 6 Award: Communicating Research, Accountability, Evaluation, and/or Assessment to Lay Audiences
First Place Winner: Haigen Huang
Report Title: How Do Students Feel About Their Schools?: Student Survey Results, 2018-19
Affiliation: Data, Research, and Accountability Department; Wake County Public School System; Cary, North Carolina



The 2019 AERA Division H winners!

Division H: Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools

2019 Category 1, Advances in Methodology – Berkeley Unified School District – Stevens, David – Maximizing Assessment Performance of At-Risk Students Using the Academic Support Index to Engineer a Low Stress Testing Environment

2019 Category 2, Applied Research Report – The Research Alliance for New York City Schools, New York University – Hill, Kathryn; Mirakhur, Zitsi – Persisting Students Exploring the Pathways and Outcomes of Students Who Don’t Graduate in Four Years, But Remain Enrolled in NYC High Schools

2019 Category 3, Program Evaluation – Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) – Bulgakov-Cooke, Dina; Singh, Malkeet – Multi-Tiered System of Support, 2016-17 to 2017-18

2019 Category 3, Program Evaluation – Austin Independent School District Department of Research and Evaluation – DeBaylo, Paige; Hutchins, Shaun; Looby, Karen – Educator Excellence Innovation Program Technical Report

2019 Category 4, Assessment & Accountability – Georgia State University, University of Pittsburgh – Li, Hongli; Xiong, Yao – The Relationship between Test Preparation and State Test Performance: Evidence from the Measure of Effective Teaching (MET) Project

2019 Category 5, Outstanding Dissertation/Thesis – University of Hawaii at Manoa – Frontiera, Candice – A Mixed Methods Study of Principals’ Experience Using Data Analytic Tools in Hawai‘i

2019 Category 6, Communicating Research/Accountability/Evaluation/Assessment to Lay Audiences – Wake County Public School System – Halstead, Serena – Using a FOURcast to Share Information about New Course



The 2018 AERA Division H winners!

Division H: Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools
Applied Research Award—Applied Research Reports: Chicago’s Charter High Schools: Julia A. Gwynne and Paul T. Moore – Organizational Features, Enrollment, School Transfers, and Student Performance

Communicating Research, Accountability, Evaluation, and/or Assessment to Lay Audiences Award: Dayna Dion, Sarah Duncan, Bronwyn McDaniel, Jenny Nagaoka, and Alex Seeskin – To&Through Project Communications Toolkit

Outstanding Dissertation Award: Carla M. Evans – Can Schools Be Reformed by Reforming Assessment?: The Effects of an Innovative Assessment and Accountability System on Student Achievement Outcomes

Program Evaluation Award: Stacey Merola – A Study of the Effects of NAME on Student Achievement in Brazil

Assessment and Accountability Award: Christopher Dudek, Anh Hua, Adam Lekwa, and Linda Reddy – Does Assessment of Teacher Practice Relate to Gains in Student Achievement? An Investigation with High Poverty Charter Schools